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I am not a professional artist, but a mom, lawyer, runner, and writer who likes to paint. I recently forayed into acrylics after a lifetime of concentrating on watercolor, and decided I liked the medium for whimsical paintings. I do not have an art degree, but I have taken a few classes here and there in various mediums. My acrylics are self-taught.

I am currently looking for a print on demand service I am happy with. In the meantime, if you'd like any of my work, please drop me a line and we will figure out the best option for you. I am happy to sell any originals I have too!

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My Story

One day I decided to paint an octopus for no reason, ("Uno"), and it turned out so well I decided to do more. At the same time, I was cranking out my twelve months of cats, based on a painting I did more than 20 years ago (since lost). 

My next projects include more sea life as I am inspired by the Pacific Northwest, where I have lived practically my whole life. I like the idea of one of my octopus hanging in a yacht club, on someone's boat, or in a seaside cabin somewhere. 

I also want to do more roosters, because roosters are just dang funny.


If you want one of my original paintings, let me know! I can also do something custom, within reason. I have a needy cat that factors into my availability. Oh and a couple of kids. 

Prints and canvas wraps are available on the store. 

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